About the Orphanage

The Family Christian Centre Orphanage in Agbani, Enugo, Nigeria is a new project but wanting to grow and help many needed children.
Was founded in 2012 although it was started to be build in 2010. At present we have 8 children, and 2 of them also have their mothers in the centre. We have and employee who lives there and a coordinator who oversees all the work. The need is very big but we are growing step by step.

Our work is divided in three parts:

– 1) To be an Orphanage that builds a safe place, familiar and encourage every child to grow up with illusions. The main problem is the burden of AIDS leaving many chidren orphaned.

– 2) Also helping young girls that become pregnant to be able to have the baby and let them know that they will have help with their studies and preparations. And that the baby will be safe no matter their circunstances.

– 3) Collaborate with a government organitation in AIDS education and prevention. We visit towns and villages where we give lectures, education and medicine. This work makes
us have a contact with the families situations and the childrens needs.

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Project Development

The project of building the orphanage it is only on its first stage. We have finished an apartment for six people. The idea is to have several small groups of children living with their keepers in the different apartments and also to have big common areas.

Orphanage Coordinator:

Lilian Agbo



Its a social worker who combines his work for the government in educational projects, prevention and treatment of AIDS with the work in the orphanage. She is a widow with a great spirit and highly respected in the society.






Want to Donate?

Bank Account Number exclusively to donate for the orphanage project.


IBAN  ES50 2100 2643 4402 1015 3126