30 € per month

Can make the difference between life and death

Sponsor a Child

¿Interested in Sponsoring?

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you just have to contact us via the form or phone, and we will send you by email or letter all the details with the procedure of how to sponsor.

For 30 € per month, we can cover all the basic care needs of the child, and enable them to live with dignity in a place that has become his new home.This allows us to cover his care, staff, accommodation, food, education , doctors and medicines for treatments that require some care.


Our Children



Age: 15

She entered the centre in 2011. Her mother is deceased and her father has been diagnosed with psychological problems. When she was found she was working peeling fuit from the palms. She was ill and undernourished and was living with her very tired grandmother.In the village they called her grandmother the “ witch” as she always surrounded by misfortune. When she was found they thought she was dead. She has HIV antibodies for which she receives medical treatment and is progressing well. She is an intelligent girl, hard-working and always happy. She is a “ Princess”.



Miricle does not have a sponsor yet , if you are interested in sponsor him, contact us and we will send you all the details of how to do it.

Age: 7

His father died and his mother was unable to look after him. He is the youngest of five children who are spread out and live with various families. He entered the centre in 2013 with his mother who works in the centre where she is able to look after her son and carries out essential works with the other children. The centre is offering a future to both mother and son. Miricle is a very sociable child and enjoys physical contact. He has a fine spirit and it is very easy to become fond of him.



Age: 5

Was found beside the road abandonated by his parents. Suffers cerebral palsy and was found in a very precarious situation. He has been over half a year at the centre, is a boy full of Joy he is in a rehabilitation proceed and doing very good. Attends weekly to hospital and there is a great help from the doctors.



Age: 7

He entered the centre in 2011. Both of his parents died from Aids. He was found in the village of Nborubu where he lived with his elderly grandfather. He has HIV antibodies for which he receives medical attention and is progressing well. He is an intelligent and determinated child and is always looking to improve himself and gives nothing but his best.



Age: 12

He entered the centre in 2013. When her mother died her step fathercared for her. He would frequently run away and live on the street. She has had many health problems which have produce eczema over all her body. Her step father no longer wanted to look after him. Since he entered the centre he has experimented family life and has not tried to run away. He has HIV antibodies for which He receives medical attention and is progressing well. In spite of being stubborn and havving a strong character, He is learning very quickly tolive with others, to be at peace and is adapting in a positive way.